TITLE: Beautiful Creaturesexternal image beautiful-creatures-by-kami-garcia-and-margaret-stohl.jpg
AUTHOR: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
GENRE: Fantasy

My Responses by-- Mrs. Swetnam

What this book is about--
Ethan is a sophomore in high school. He lives in a small southern town. His mother recently passed away and his father has become a recluse. Life has been difficult to say the least, and then Lena moves into town. Ethan finds Lena mysterious and realizes that she's been part of the strange dreams his been having recently. When they become friends, Ethan and Lena learn what supernatural secrets tie their fates together.

Why I like this book--
I like this book because I enjoy fantasies and romance. I especially enjoy stories that take place in southern towns. This story set in a southern town in South Carolina. Whoo hoo!