Peer Book Review

TITLE: Because of Anya
AUTHOR: Margaret Peterson Haddix
GENRE: Contemporary Fiction

My Responses by-- Amanda S.
What this book is about-- This book is about these girls named Anya, Stef, Tory, Niciole, and Keely. Stef is the leader of the group and Tory, Nicole, and Keely are like her pets. If Stef says to do something they do it. Anya is an outsider, she really doesnt fit in.One day Stef notices that Anya is wearing a wig. Stef tells Keely that Anya is wearing a wig and they think that she has cancer but she really dosent. Anya has alopecia areata, sometimes it reaches the point where you lose all the hair on you body.One day at gym Anya was doing gymnastics, a surprising thing happens that day. Read the book to find out what it is.

Why I like this book-- I like this book because it was a touching story. Some parts got really sad but I was really interested in it. I love Margaret Haddix's work. I have read many of her books and loved every single one of them.