Peer Book Review

TITLE: Dead is the New Black
AUTHOR: Marlene Perezexternal image moz-screenshot-1.png
CALL NUMBER: FIC PERexternal image moz-screenshot-2.pngDead_is_the_new_black.jpg
GENRE: Fantasy

My Responses by-- Kelsey G.
What this book is about-- This book is about a teenage girl named Daisy. Both her mother and two other sisters are psychics. Her mom helps the local law enforcement solve cases. The case that her mom is trying to solve now is out of her hands and she just can't seem to figure it out. Dasiy hasn't yet recived her psychic abillities and she doesn't know if she ever will. She decides to try to solve the case of young girls who are going missing. They are trying to find out who or WHAT is taking these young females. Along the way Daisy has to do things that she thought she never will do or endure and she even starts a relationship that she thought would be an everlasting friendship. In they end she finds the culpret is someone that she never would have thought of. Will Daisy ever recieve her pychics abillities? Will she solve the case? Well, it's up to you, READ AND FIND OUT!

Why I like this book-- I liked this book because it was very suspenful kept you wanting to read more. The book is also a mystery, I liked this because it kept you continuously wanted to solve the mystery for yourself. These are the reasons that I liked this book.