Peer Book Review

TITLE: Eighth Grade Bites
external image 8thgradebiteslg.jpg
AUTHOR: Heather Brewer
GENRE: Fantasy

My Responses by-- Otis M.
What this book is about-- This book is about thirteen Vladimir Tod who has to deal with the regular problems of being a teenager along with being a teenage vampire. So know he as to worry about not killing the girl he likes whenever she is close. But also the threat of bullies and not using his super human strength to kill them. So when a substitute teacher starts to question him a little to closely he fears that his cover is blown. Then he realizes he has much bigger problems like the fact that he is being hunted by a vampire slayer.

Why I like this book-- I like this book because it leads you on a exciting adventure that is filled with dark characters, mystical glyphs and teen angst.