found.jpgPeer Book Review

TITLE: Found

AUTHOR: Margaret Peterson


GENRE: Science Fiction

My Responses by-- Amanda S.

This book is about this boy, Jonah, who is adopted, and this other boy, Chip, who is also adopted but did not now that he was adopted until he started getting mysterious letters in the mail along with Jonah. Finally after the boys received two messages Jonah went to this FBI thing to find out more about his adoption he went with his parents and his sister Katherine. Jonah kept seeing this janitor that would appear and disappear into thin air. This janitor gave him information about things he needed to get from the FBI. Jonah got everything he needed and found a survior list and his name was on it as well as Chips. The three kids, Chip, Jonah, and Katherine, did some investigating. They talked to this girl, Angela DuPre, and she told them that they were from the future. The boys were not sure if they should believe her or not. Now the boys are trying to find out the truth. Are they really from the future or were they just adopted? Read the book to find out.

Why I like this book-- I liked this book because Margaret Peterson did a great job and left you wanting to read more and more. For me it was a little slow in the beginning but got going really soon. I want to read, Sent, which is the second book to the series. I think that you will like this book a lot.